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  Katherine Heigl
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  Will It Bomb? 2/29/08
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Hello, kids! Today is February 29th! A rarity, since it only comes around every four years! How great is it that it falls on a Friday? That’s just in time for the weekend rush. What films are lucky enough to be released and hopefully find success on this Leap Year? Scroll on down and check it out!

Welcome to this week’s edition of WIB?!

Chicago 10 (Limited Release): The US was embroiled in a hotbed of controversy with the anti-Vietnam War protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention. This film focuses on and revisits the subsequent trial of a handful of men who had all fingers pointed at them for allegedly fueling the fire.
Will It Bomb? Considering this is a voting year, many of those who are politically minded will attend a screening. I think it’ll bring in a modest amount of money, since it’s in Limited Release.

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  Seth Rogen
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  Cary Elwes
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  Untraceable Ads Pulled From Facebook
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The Guardian is reporting on an extremely violent ad campaign for Untraceable that was pulled from Facebook recently. They say the promotional Facebook Page titled “Kill With Me” featured this text,

This guy is going to die. You want to see his stinking flesh burn and bleed and blacken? Until he’s some twisted dead thing? This is what you want. And I’ve filmed it especially for you. The more fans I get, the more I’ll show…

This violent content fits with the film but was removed from Facebook because the marketing company failed to put age restrictions on the page to protect younger Facebook users.

Untraceable stars Diane Lane as an FBI computer crimes specialist investigating a series of murders using the website, which is a live URL hosting a promotional site for the movie.

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  Topher Grace
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  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 2/22/08
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Greetings, kids! The Box Office totals for this weekend have arrived. Did I get it right this time or am I way off? Take a peek and find out in this week’s edition of DIB?!

Be Kind Rewind: How would you think a video store would save itself when an employee has erased the tapes with his own natural magnetism? Remake and re-shoot all the movies in the craziest manner you can think of!
Will It Bomb? Putting Jack Black and Mos Def together was a very good idea! I loved the trailer and the premise of the film, although I wished it was geared towards older audiences. It’ll hit the middle of the Top 10.
Did It Bomb? It did fairly well, friends. Making $4.1 million, this eased into the #7 spot.
Outcome: Mezza-mezza. ½ out of 4.

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  Oscar Winners 2008
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Diablo Cody Wins OscarUnfortunately, I didn’t even watch this year’s Oscars (neither did many other people, according to The Wall Street Journal) because I was too busy catching up on Veronica Mars on DVD.

I was pleased, however, to see that the only award I had any interest in went to the right person. Diablo Cody won Best Screenplay for Juno.

Other winners include No Country For Old Men for just about everything (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Directing, Best Screenplay based on Material Previously Published or Produced), There Will Be Blood, and Michael Clayton.

IMDb has a full list of all winners and nominees.

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