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  Charlie Cox
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  New Sex and the City Poster
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Another poster for Sex and the City has been released, also featuring Sarah Jessica Parker. I like this one better than the last one. I know nothing about the show, but it just looks like the sparkly leather jacket looks better on Parker than the bright blue frock.

Side note: my cousin works at the TGI Friday’s in the background (it’s Times Square).


  Cloverfield on Blu-ray…Now You Tell Us
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I went out and bought Cloverfield on DVD on April 22nd like a good little DVD-buyer, despite the fact that it wasn’t released on Blu-ray yet.

Of course, now Bloody Disgusting has the news of a June 3rd release date for the Blu-ray edition. Was this a clever ploy to get those of us that still purchase DVDs to double buy, or were they just not ready to release the Blu-ray because they’ve added tons of extra features to it?

  Transformers 2 Casting Rumor
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Jonah Hill in Transformers 2Jonah Hill. No joke, IESB has the rumor along with the description from the casting sheet of the character rumored to be played by Jonah Hill.

[CHUCK] 19-25 yrs., Sam’s roommate at Princeton. He runs a conspiracy theory website. Funny in an irreverent, edgy way, he is shocked to see his conspiracy theories come to life. (2nd Lead)

I think Hill would be an excellent addition to the cast, and will definitely give Shia LaBeouf a run for his money and will absolutely be a scene-stealer.

  Jokerfied Dark Knight Trailer
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After yesterday’s news that The Joker had defaced some copies of the new Dark Knight trailer, we were all hoping someone would be able to play the film reel so we could see more than just scans of the film. Luckily, someone did. Check it out below.

  Matt Schulze
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  Did It Bomb? Weekend of 4/25/08
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All right, ladies and gents! The new film releases from this past weekend blew in and out like a swift wind. Did they achieve the great levels of success expected of them? Or did they fall flat on their faces?

Let’s get the results! It’s time for this week’s edition of DIB?!

Baby Mama: A straight laced professional (Tina Fey) is unable to get pregnant, so she enlists a wacky, free-spirited surrogate mom (Amy Poehler). Craziness ensues, all right! They do have fun and do learn a lot from each other, but something not-so-savory is right under the surface…
Will It Bomb? The former SNL-ers were by far the breakouts within the cast, so this will end up in the Top 3. It’s a question as to which of those particular spots this will end up in.
Did It Bomb? They busted though the competition, and reached #1! This earned a tidy $18.3 million to boot!
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 4.

Deal (Limited Release): Screen legend Burt Reynolds plays a former cards champ who offers to “tutor” the baby-faced newbie in the cutthroat world of pro poker. This film is basically a ripoff of last year’s pathetic excuse for a movie called Lucky You, with Burt and co-star Bret Harrison filling in for Robert Duvall and Eric Bana.
Will It Bomb? It’s as though I drew two aces, and hollered “Hit me!” It’s going to bomb so hard! It isn’t even in Wide Release, and I already know it will drop to the ground like a safe.
Did It Bomb? $31,000 from around 50 theatres? You do the math. Bombs away!
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 4.

Deception: Hugh Jackman tries to play the slick man as he gets one of his friends (Ewan McGregor) to join a very special organization, where the notion of “hooking up” has a whole new meaning. When Ewan breaks a few of the long standing rules as he starts an outside relationship with one of those ladies, here comes the darkness.
Will It Bomb? Although there is a good amount of competition, this should still make it into the low-to-mid portion of the 10.
Did It Bomb? I kept up my end of the bargain! This ended up coming in at #10. While it was technically dead last, it still brought in $2.23 million.
Outcome: Score! 3 out of 4.

Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
: John Cho and Kal Penn reteam as the aforementioned stoners who are detained at a prison at the U.S. base in Cuba, for alleged paraphernalia smuggling and alleged terrorist behavior. They gotta bust out of there!
Will It Bomb? The first one did well, and the sequel was brought out within a timely manner. It’s making the Top 5!
Did It Bomb? I told you! This made a solid $14.6 million and sailed on up to #2!
Outcome: Score! 4 out of 4.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and The Internet Movie Database (

Yeah, baby! That’s more like it! My perfect record has now been reinstated. I hope that I can keep that level of excellence, as this week’s new releases are right around the corner. But, you all are going to have to hold off until later this week. That’s when I bring you all the details over at Will It Bomb?! I will see you all then!

  Another New Dark Knight Poster
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This one’s panoramic, and amazingly awesome. Click the image to see it full size.

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