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  Couples Retreat Trailer
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What’s not to like about Couples Retreat? Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn. It’s got an all star cast, to say the least. And this new trailer looks hysterical. Check it out below.

  Inglorious Basterds Int’l Trailer
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Though the early reviews are in, and they’re not favorable, the trailers still kick some serious ass, and make me want to see the movie. Check out the new Inglorious Basters trailer below:

  On DVD This Week – 06/30/2009
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Entourage – Season FiveBlu-ray
Two LoversBlu-ray
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun LiBlu-ray
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose – Season One
12 RoundsBlu-ray
Se7en Blu-ray

  Kevin Smith Casts Jason Lee
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Jason Lee

Jason Lee

There’s no denying it.  Jason Lee delivers Kevin Smith’s dialog like no other.  I still, to this day, laugh hysterically every time I watch Mallrats.

I know all the jokes, I know the plot, I know the outcome. It doesn’t matter, Jason Lee still makes me laugh like a giddy school boy every time he delivers those lines.

I was stoaked to hear today that Kevin Smith’s cast Lee in his upcoming film A Couple of Dicks.

There’s no details yet as to who Jason will play, but hopefully it’s a big role.  After all, Jason Lee doesn’t have much else going on, since NBC cancelled “My Name Is Earl” after last season ended.

A Couple of Dicks also stars Tracey Morgan and Bruce Willis as LAPD partners.

It’s sure to be a laughfest, even though Kevin Smith didn’t write it himself.

  Nine Nine Posters
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If you’ve seen the trailer for Nine yet, you’re probably eagerly anticipating September 9th, when it releases in theaters

Today, we bring you nine new Nine posters from the upcoming film, one representing each of the nine animated characters in the film.

Nine Posters

Nine Posters

  Transformers 2 Dominates Box Office
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It’s no secret that everyone anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to be enormous.  I even went and saw it, though I certainly didn’t like it.

The movie raked in just over $200 million it its first five days in theaters.  While that may seem like a lot of money, it isn’t the most money ever taken in during the first five days in theaters.  That record is still held by The Dark Knight.  It was close, but Batman won by just a few million dollars.

With that said, $200million is still good for the number two spot on the list of best five day openings in history, and it demolished The Proposal, which made just $18 million.

Did you see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?  What did you think?  Sound off in the comments.

  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Posted by: Mike on Jun 27th, 2009 2 Comments »

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

In theory, this movie should be awesome. Right?  Giant robots. Explosions. Gun battles. Did I mention the giant robots?  You’d think Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen would be a smash hit.  It’s been out just a few days, and had already broken $120 million by close of Friday.  That makes it successful, doesn’t it?

It depends on who you ask. And if you ask me, the movie was terrible.  I’ve learned a valuable lesson today, at the hands of Michael Bay: It takes more than giant robots and explosions to make a good movie.

It also takes a plot.  While Transformers 2 had a plot, it’s a terrible one.  It makes no sense, and isn’t explained nearly enough to have any substance to it.  For those who haven’t seen it yet, I’ll summarize: Decepticons (the bad guys) came to Earth hundreds of years ago and made a big machine that can kill our sun, to give them energy.  The Autobots (the good guys) have to try to stop them.

Really? They get power from killing suns of planets?  Imaginative, but completely stupid.

What else does a movie need to be good?  How about some good acting?  Also missing from Transformers 2.  While I certainly won’t argue with anyone about how hot Megan Fox is, if I never hear her speak or see her try to act again in my life, it’ll be too soon.  And Shia LaBeouf may have been a big rising star back when he did Holes, but let’s face it, he really outgrew his window of adorability.  He’s striking out lately in the acting department.  Please don’t get me started on the last Indiana Jones film he was in.

While the film did have some high moments, and some interesting scenes, overall it was boring.  Filled with geographic inconsistencies and plot holes. (Seriously, behind the Air and Space Museum in D.C. is a field full of retired aircraft? No, there’s just another museum back there.)

To judge whether or not you’d like the movie, let’s think back to the second Pirates of the Caribbean film.  What was your first thought when you left the theater?  “Wow, that was bad.  It felt like a really long commercial for the third film.”  That’s exactly that Transformers 2 is, a commercial for the next film.  It ends on one of those “there’s gonna be another one!!” moments, and it just feels dirty, and cheap.

If you want to watch a movie with awesome CGI, and a good story line, see Star Trek, you’ll thank me.  Skip Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Wait for it to hit Netflix, and then get it. You’ll still be mad you wasted two and a half hours of your life, but at least it’ll have saved you $10 on the price of admission.  Be sure to read the “spoiler” below, to find out my biggest pet peeve of the film.

Show Spoilers

  Oscar Best Picture Nominees Expands to 10
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Many folks (MovieSnobs staff included) felt that The Dark Knight should have received a Best Picture Oscar Nomination. However, there were only room for five films and the Academy didn’t see Knight as worthy.

The multitude of people that disagreed with them may or may not have caused their latest announcement. The Best Picture category will now expand to 10 nominees from the previous limit of 5. This should allow room for summer blockbusters that happen to be quality films, as well as animated films that were previously relegated to the Best Animated Feature category.

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