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I love movies about Vegas. Ocean’s Eleven is one of my favorite movies. The original Ocean’s Eleven is another classic. There’s just something magical about Sin City. The lights, the sounds, the money. That’s what the movie 21 is about. The movie’s based on the true story of some MIT students who counted cards in Vegas and made lots of money. The main character is based on Ben Mezrich who has written several books about his experience. I read Bringing Down The House in about two days because it’s such a fascinating story.

Of course, the trailer sexes it up a bit (looks like Kate Bosworth gets naked), but the essential story is that Ben got into card counting to pay off his college tuition.
21 hits theaters March 28th, 2008 and stars Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne, and Kate Bosworth.

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