28 Months Later?

Danny Boyle was recently interviewed by MTV Movies about nothing specific, when Boyle dropped a bomb.

You may remember Boyle’s little film 28 Days Later from six years ago?  Well, he dropped a bomb in the interview yesterday, saying that he’s “got an idea” for a third film in the series.

Boyle wasn’t involved in last years’s 28 Weeks Later flick, and it’s evident in watching the film.  While nothing’s written in stone, rumors have been kicking around for a while, that the third film would be called “28 Months Later” (not confirmed with anyone important), and Boyle says he’d love to do it.

While I loved the first film, and could watch it a million times, the second movie somewhat turned me off to the series. Hopefully Boyle will take the helm on the third film, and bring it back to what it used to be.

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