4 Out of 7 Isn’t Bad!

Hey everyone!

It’s the day after the Oscars, and let me say: Wow!

I correctly predicted 4 out of 7 awards, which I’m pretty proud of!

Some thoughts about the show:

Ellen DeGeneres did well as host this year. She had her super-funny moments, but kept it tasteful. I especially liked her vacuuming the rug and asking Penelope Cruz to move her huge-ass dress! Bring her back next year!

Easily, my favorite moments:

Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly’s number. Jack was spastic, as always, which is what we love about him. They should go out on tour!

The Dreamgirls triple divas triple threat. Talk about powerhouse vocals! I’m surprised that the Kodak Theatre didn’t quake for another hour after that! Amazing!

Helen Mirren looked positively stunning. The lady was so gracious during her acceptance speech, she deserves an extra trophy!

Martin Scorsese FINALLY getting the Academy Award for Best Director and a just as well deserved standing ovation.

A huge, huge congratulations to all of the big winners last night!

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