A good day to be a Mara

Some of you know Kate Mara.  She’s done TV (“Law & Order: SVU”, “Everwood”, “Nip/Tuck”, “CSI: Miami” and a bunch more), and branched out into movies (Shooter, Brokeback Mountain, Transsiberian).

What you may not know is that she’s got a little sister, who’s also an actor.  Her name’s Rooney Mara, and she’s also done quite a bit of TV (also “Law & Order: SVU”, and most recently a few episodes at the end of “ER”).

It’s good to be a Mara this week, because they’ve both landed pretty huge roles, which will certainly help their careers.

Kate has been cast in Iron Man 2.  No details are available about the role, as of yet.
Rooney has (reportedly) been cast as Nancy Thompson in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.  Yes, the main character.

You can seel below how similar the two are.  When I saw Rooney on “ER”, I knew that she had to be related to Kate Mara.  Not only do they look alike, but they sound alike, and accentuate words the same way.





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