A New Crow Movie?

On of my favorite movies from my early teen years, was without doubt The Crow.  I don’t acknowledge that there was a sequel, just the original, with Brandon Lee.

When my RSS feed alerted me this morning that people were reporting that there’s possibly a new Crow film in the works, I was a bit skeptical.  Part of me wants to kill whoever’s responsible for this, and the other part of me wants to see if it’s any good.

City of Angels, the second Crow movie was pretty horrible.  But you can’t deny the first Crow movie was fantastic.  How do you feel about it?  Excited?  Angry?  Sound off in the comments.


  1. Christie on said:

    Ok….Ok….After Brandon there were 3 other crow movies. They all sucked. Why mess with perfection. How about just making a part 5 and call it good. Think about it…not every Halloween movie was a good one. Remember Halloween 3 in 3D. Bad idea, bad movie. And I loved Superman growing up but even the later of the movies were bad as well. The remake didnt do as well as expected. I’m a woman and it to me was kind of a chic flick. I saw the Crow: City of Angels…I forced myself to stay for the hopes it would honor Brandon in some way. No Luck. Salvation…getting colder guys. Answer this for me. Did sex sell the Crow movies or did Brandon? Oh yes he was a sexy Bitch! But the others made me ill. I wont even watch the last one. There can only be only one. If it is another crow movie it better be an addition and not a replacement. Thats all im saying. It will be like trying to replace Heath Ledger as the joker. DONT DO IT AND DONT TRY IT! And Johnny Depp is hot and talented but he is no CROW.

  2. David on said:

    Want to put a shot back into The Crow series. Big budget production. How about the guy who loves playing the dark roles. Yes Johnny Depp. He’s got the hair, the build, the height, and he’s great at the dark roles. If anyone could match Brandon, and rise this series back from the dead it’s Johnny.

  3. Kevin on said:

    who knows,it might be good.I am up for it as long as it is shown in theaters and not straight to video. For the record no one will ever forget how fantastic Brandon Lee was in the original.The movie was awesome!!


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