Apatow – Drillbit Taylor Not Funny

Judd Apatow officially disowned Drillbit Taylor in a press conference on Wednesday, March 19th. According to Rope of Silicon, Apatow received a producing credit on the film, but claims to have nothing to do with the movie creatively. The producing credit was, “just a courtesy.”

During the press conference Apatow explained his change of heart:

When I was originally pitched the concept I was told it would be funny and there would be plenty of senseless homeless man on high school bully violence. Unfortunately that is not what we got. On top of that there are no dick jokes and the word ‘f***’ isn’t uttered once. I mean, ‘f***’ is funny! This movie isn’t.

He then goes on to say,

However, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was all my idea and I wish Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller the best of luck. I am glad I could help them make such a great movie.

Apparently Judd Apatow has a similar sense of humor as myself. While the commercials for Drillbit Taylor have left me bored, I’ve been anxiously awaiting Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Incidentally, the tagline for Drillbit Taylor is “You Get What You Pay For.” Hmmm…indeed.

Taylor stars Owen Wilson and a bunch of unknowns and will be in theaters March 21st, 2008. Forgetting Sarah Marshall stars Jason Segel and Kristen Bell and will be in theaters April 18th, 2008.

Head over to Rope of Silicon to read about the studio’s reaction to Apatow’s statements.

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