April 18th, 2011?

The new viral marketing ploy now, is for, which currently reads 1273 days.  From what we’ve been seeing around the internet, it’s a marketing campaign for the new FOX TV show “The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

If you run the math on 1273, it’s 3 years, and 178 days.

April 18th, 2011.

What happens on April 18th, 2011?

According to internet searches, nothing.  Any Terminator fans out there that can offer any guidance to the significance of the date?  I can honestly say I’m stumped.

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  1. Christine on said:

    I’m not a huge Terminator series fan, but could it be the date of the atomic bomb, or whatever it is? The part in T2 when Linda Hamilton falls asleep and dreams about the playground and the bomb and then the fire ball comes and she burns up and flakes away.


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