Associate Producer Defends Bale

After Bale freaked out on set, some of the other people working on the film have come to his defense.

The situation got heated when a director of photography walked onto a scene that they were filming for Terminator Salvation, and Bale freaking, demanding the guy be fired, or he’d quit.  It was a four minute tirade of profanity, that I won’t post here, because you can find it anywhere else on the web.

Associate producer Bruce Franklin has come to Bale’s defense by saying

If you are working in a very intense scene and someone takes you out of your groove… It was the most emotional scene in the movie. And for him to get stopped in the middle of it – he is very intensely involved in his character. He didn’t walk around like that all day long. It was just a moment and it passed.

Franklin went on to say

This was my second movie with Christian, and it has always been a good experience with him. He is so dedicated to the craft. I think someone is begging to make some noise (controversy) about this, but I don’t think it’s fair. The art of acting is not paint by numbers, it’s an art form.

Personally, if I was on the zillionth take of a difficult scene, and finally got it and someone screwed that I’d, I’d be pretty pissed too.

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