Awake – What’s True and What’s Hollywood?

Awake PosterJessica Alba and Hayden Christensen star in the new thriller Awake about a man who is awake during surgery and hears his doctors and his wife plotting his own murder. has a great article that explains anesthesia awareness and what the facts are. They reference several medical findings on the subject to show that the stat “1 in 700 people are awake during surgery” is far overestimated. However, that’s Hollywood for you.

Check out the article on

Awake is in theaters tomorrow, November 30th.


  1. Christine on said:

    I don’t know that it’s really romance…she’s plotting his murder.

  2. Marina on said:

    That’s an interesting read and I’m mildly curious about the film but the fact that the “horror” takes a back seat tot he romance really rubs me the wrong way.


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