Bale/Wahlberg Need You! Be an Extra!
Be in The Fighter!

Be in The Fighter!

Live in the Boston area?  Know where Lowell is?  Have no plans for July 14th, 15th or 16th between 10AM and 5PM?

Why not be in a movie? Or at least be an extra in a movie.

The upcoming The Fighter starring Christian Bale, and Mark Wahlberg is filming in Lowell Massachusetts on the 14th 15th and 16th of July, and need extras for an undisclosed scene.

I just signed Christine and I up, and am waiting to hear back if we’ve been accepted, and what the next steps are.

If you’re interested, they still need people for the 15th and 16th (Wednesday and Thursday.) To sign up head to and sign up.  It’s free, there’s free food, free prizes, and you might meet famous people. What more do you need?

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