Behind the Scenes at Netflix

It’s very rare that Netflix lets anyone around, let alone in their warehouse(s).  Employees sign their lives away when they’re hired, and can’t even talk about the process, let alone document it.

Nightline was lucky enough to get let in, and though I had no idea about this video until a few minutes ago, it apparently aired very recently.

Check out a behind the scenes tour of one of the Netflix warehouses.  ABC doesn’t let you embed video, so you’ll have to make the hop over there to watch it.  Click here to view the video, and be prepared to be amazed.

In case you don’t want to watch it, here’s a few interesting facts:

  • Netflix human employees work 3AM to 7AM, and open, inspect and mark received all returned DVDs.
  • Their machine that packs the disc for shipping to you, can prepare 300,000 discs per hour. (Per distribution center.)
  • There’s 58 distribution centers nation wide.
  • Netflix spends an estimated $300 million dollars annually on postage. (Holy crap!)
  • It takes the average Netflix employee approximately 6 seconds to open, inspect, and mark as received any individual DVD.

It’s amazing to finally see inside the warehouse. And I totally want one of those t-shirts the employees are wearing!

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