Bourne Part 4 in 2011?

Frank Marshall, who is responsible for producing the Bourne franchise on film, stated via Twitter over the weekend, that they’re shooting for a 2011 release for the fourth Bourne film.

Details are still sketchy, but so far, we know for certain that this will be the first Bourne film not based on a Robert Ludlum novel.  Whether or not that’s good news is yet to be determined.

We also know that Matt Damon will reprise his role as Jason Bourne.  Contracts have yet to be negotiated yet, but we’re fairly certain that the powers that be wouldn’t attempt this movie without Damon.

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  1. grace on said:

    i’m a little bit disappointed that matt damon, my favorrite actor, is not anymore the lead role of the latest installment of bourne trilogy. matt damon is so perfect for the role that i don’t think no one could ever fill in the shoes he empties. why is it that producers aand film makers keep on disappointing the viewers? we want matt……matt….and matt……for bthe lead role and not just a nobody actor….i hate it.. i am still contemnplating whether i would watch the movie or not…chances are i would opt for other movies during the airing time of bourne…grrr….


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