Bratz – or, Why I’m Never Having a Daughter

Bratz Dolls are the DevilI make no secret of the fact that I can’t stand those creepy little Bratz dolls. As if Barbie wasn’t enough to make young girls act like dumb blondes, now we have half-dressed hookers with enormous eyes teaching the nation’s daughters to go after the bling and the boys that ride motorcycles and drive Hummers.

Needless to say, I was quite entertained by the commentary of The First Post about the pre-screening of the movie.

We sat through the “first live action movie” to be based on the infamous, Barbie-doll whacking, mini-skirted, navel-flaunting, multi-ethnic, fashion-obsessed Bratz dolls that have conquered the toy-shop universe.

Read the full post titled “Hello Dolly”. The Bratz movie will be in theaters this fall. I truly, truly hope that it fails miserably.

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