Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remake

buffy-slayer-movie-posterAccording to Empire Online, the rights-holders to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer property would like to bring it to the big screen again. Her story needs a reboot, they say, but for some reason they don’t think involving Joss Whedon is necessary.

While I’d love to see a revival of the Buffy franchise, the whole “leaving Whedon out” thing is worrisome. After all, most of my generation never even saw the original Buffy movie until after we had been watching the TV series for several seasons. To us, Whedon’s Buffy IS the original Buffy.

More news should surface on this eventually, or (hopefully) it will fade out as the bad idea that was never meant to be.

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  1. matthew on said:

    yeah this new buffy movie will be dumb you got to have sarah michelle geller in it and everybody that was in the show. you even got to have the creater in it to. if none of the people who where apart of the tv series arent in it i won’t see this movie.


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