Caine to join Nolan again?
Caine to join Inception cast?

Caine to join Inception cast?

It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan casts his movies fantastically.  There’s no doubt about that. He knows who he wants, and he gets that person for the role.

Rumor has it, that Michael Caine is in talks to be in Nolan’s next movie, Inception.  Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page have already been confirmed as being cast.  Others have been rumored, but not yet confirmed.

It’s no surprise the Nolan would want to cast Caine.  For me, he was an integral part of The Prestige, and that story would not have been even remotely complete without him playing Cutter.

And who can forget his performance as Alfred in the last two Batman movies?

Should Nolan cast Caine in Inception, I’m sure whatever part he plays would be fantastic.

There’s no talk yet as to what Inception is actually about, but it’s Christopher and Jonathan Nolan writing it.  What more do you need?

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