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  2012 Trailer Starring Cusack and Peet
Posted by: Christine on Jun 20th, 2009 1 Comment »

It’s no secret that the MovieSnobs staff is crazy for John Cusack. Naturally when Allen from sent me this trailer, I had to share it here. 2012 is a disaster movie from the director of Independance Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but unlike those movies, this one stars John Cusack.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if the plot is stupid or the other actors are lame, Cusack does extraordinarily well in the-world-is-falling-apart-type movies (see 1408 – seriously, if you haven’t seen it, rent it now.). I’m a little tired of seeing him and Amanda Peet get cast together, but she’s a good actress so I’ll deal with it. I’m excited to see Liam James from “Psych” in a movie role (playing Cusack’s son).

Enough about my opinion, check out the trailer below.

2012 will be released on November 13, 2009 and also stars Thandie Newton and Danny Glover.

  Movie Tunes: High Fidelity
Posted by: Christine on Dec 5th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

This week’s Movie Tunes looks at a movie that was destined to have a perfect soundtrack – High Fidelity. The movie is on two of the MovieSnobs’ Top Five Movies lists. To best communicate what this movie is about, I have included John Cusack’s opening monologue in the movie:

What came first, the music or the misery? People worry about kids playing with guns, or watching violent videos, that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?

Obviously, this movie has to have a dynamite soundtrack, right? Not exactly. Dynamite it is not, but it does have some fantastic songs about, “heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss.” I don’t think we could ask for anything more.

Naturally, the CD kicks off with the song that the movie starts with. You might recognize it from some recent Dell commercials. The track is from The Thirteenth Floor Elevators and is called “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” Unfortunately the disc doesn’t include Cusack’s voiceover, but the track stands well on its own. It’s a groovy, sing-along kind of track. Of course, it’s a song where the singer is telling their ex that they’re going to wake up one day and realize they miss them, so it kicks off the rejection & pain theme right away.

The first three tracks are all pretty groovy, actually. Track three is a great “please forgive me” track called “I’m Wrong About Everything.” John Wesley Harding sings about the fact that he’s absolutely wrong about everything. That’s a good way to win a girl back.

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  Cusack outraged at Bush’s photo ban
Posted by: Mike on Dec 5th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

One of the MovieSnobs favorites, John Cusack, has spoken out about President Bush’s ban on photographs of caskets returning from Iraq, calling it one of:

The most cowardly political acts I’d seen in my lifetime

Cusack, who appears in the upcoming Grace is Gone (a movie about a man who loses his wife in the Iraq war), says that he thinks that if this war is important enough to fight, that its casualties should be appropriately honored.

Read the entire story, and watch the video on

  John Cusack as an Obsessed Cop
Posted by: Christine on Nov 30th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

John Cusack, a MovieSnobs favorite, has signed on to The Factory, a psychological thriller. Cusack will play an obsessed cop who’s hunting a serial killer when his daughter goes missing. Seeing John’s mental breakdown in 1408 makes me very happy that he’s doing another psychological thriller-type role.

The only question that remains is, will he be in the rain?

Check out the story on Bloody Disgusting for more details.

  Serendipity III Closed
Posted by: Christine on Nov 15th, 2007 4 Comments »

Unfortunate news for John Cusack fans – Serendipity III, the Manhattan restaurant where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale started their beautiful relationship in Serendipity, has been closed due to health violations. According to Reuters, Serendipity has “been forced to shut its doors temporarily due to an infestation of mice and cockroaches.”

First of all, eww. This is unfortunate not only because it’s a movie landmark, but because their Frozen Hot Chocolate is amazing.

  New Review: Martian Child
Posted by: Christine on Nov 3rd, 2007 Leave a Comment »

Mike reviews the new John Cusack flick Martian Child and gives it five stars. He says,

I really loved this movie. Not just because it’s a John Cusack movie, but because there’s so much more to it. There’s a deep meaning to it, there’s a great story, there’s superb acting, and there’s laugh-out-loud moments throughout the entire movie.

Read Mike’s full review »

  Martian Child Posters
Posted by: Christine on Oct 26th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

Check out the poster for the John Cusack flick The Martian Child, and the German version of the poster as well. I happen to like the international one better, but I think it’s just the amusing look on Cusack’s face.
The original version:

The Martian Child Poster

The international version:
The Martian Child International Poster

Which one do you like better?

  Deleted Scene From 1408
Posted by: Christine on Sep 28th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

We all know how much Mike loved 1408, so when I saw the deleted scene from the John Cusack thriller, I knew I had to share it. It’s a scene called the tilted room, and you can watch it over on

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