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  Movie Tunes: Resident Evil: Extinction
Posted by: Christine on Nov 7th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

The past two weeks we have covered the soundtracks for the first two Resident Evil movies. This week’s Movie Tunes covers the soundtrack of the recently released third movie, Resident Evil: Extinction.

The soundtrack for Resident Evil: Extinction isn’t the typical soundtrack as in “music from or inspired by.” It also has clips from the score by Charlie Clouser, which serve as perfect interludes. In fact, the disc starts with the “Main Title” theme from the score, which is sufficiently creepy to kick us off.

Track 2 is “Stupid Crazy” by Shadows Fall. It is possibly my favorite track from any of the three Resident Evil soundtracks (with the possible exception of “The Outsider” by A Perfect Circle, but that’s a band I was previously a fan of). I’ll definitely be checking out some of Shadows Fall’s music thanks to this track, which is heavy on the guitar. It would be perfect for Guitar Hero (I have Guitar Hero on the brain since GH III just came out). If you don’t even listen to any other songs from this CD, at least go buy this track from iTunes.

The “T-Virus Remix” of Flyleaf’s “I’m So Sick” is probably the most lyrically connected track with the line, “I’m so sick, infected with where I live.” I’ll admit that I’m a Flyleaf fan, and that lead singer Lacey’s vocals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this track is great. The remix is really well done so that it showcases the original version of the song rather than drowning it in effects. If you like this song, check out Flyleaf’s previous work.

Emigrate’s “My World” sounded like a track that would annoy me, but actually grew on me the more I listened to it. It’s worth a listen.

While seemingly out of place in a zombie movie soundtrack full of industrial rock and hard rock remixes, Bayside’s “Duality” is a catchy track with a nice hook. Clear vocals, which may sound weird but when you listen to the track you’ll understand. The singer’s voice really cuts through. The string remix is really nice. Gives the track a full feel.

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  Movie Tunes: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Posted by: Christine on Oct 31st, 2007 Leave a Comment »

This week’s Movie Tunes is the soundtrack to the second in the Resident Evil movie series, Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Last week we took a listen to the Resident Evil soundtrack, which was pretty awesome. This week’s soundtrack is even better, with a record 6 tracks you can’t miss.

The disc kicks off with Slipknot’s “Vermillion,” a great starting track. It’s the kind of hard rock you’d expect from a zombie movie – screaming vocals, heavy guitars, and pounding drums. This track flows into “Just A Little” from The Used. I haven’t listened to The Used since college, so this track reminds me of my spiky, jet-black hair days. It’s a good track if you like “screamo” music, as they’ve been called (or crap, as my college roommate used to call it). It’s a typical track from The Used, so if you like their music, you’ll love this track.

Tracks 3 & 4 aren’t my favorites. I’m not a fan of either The Cure or Lacuna Coil, so their tracks (“Us or Them” and “Swamped” respectively) don’t really interest me. The Cure track isn’t bad; I’m just not a fan. I really like the music on the Lacuna Coil track, but I’m not a fan of the vocals. At times they sound almost like an SNL skit of what rock music sounds like.

On the other hand, I’m a big, big fan of A Perfect Circle. I also happen to be a fan of Renholder’s (aka Danny Lohner) remix work, so the “Resident Renholder Mix” of “The Outsider” is my favorite track on the disc. (I also like the Renholder mix of the APC track “Judith” on the Underworld soundtrack.)

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  New Review: Resident Evil: Extinction
Posted by: Christine on Sep 22nd, 2007 3 Comments »

The third, and final (for now) flick in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Extinction was number one on Christine’s must-see-movie list this week. Here’s what she thought:

I definitely recommend the movie to fans of the series. If you like action movies and zombie movies and haven’t seen the first two, you can still enjoy this one (although I strongly recommend seeing the first two, since they’re great movies as well). Final verdict: Lara Croft who? Alice is my new video game movie queen.

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  New Review: Resident Evil: Apocalpyse
Posted by: Christine on Sep 22nd, 2007 Leave a Comment »

Christine was on a quest to see all three Resident Evil flicks in one weekend, and succeeded. Here’s what she thought of the second movie:

The second movie has a faster pace than the first, since all the undead are already wandering around town waiting to eat people. As a sudden fan of the series, I have to recommend this movie to anyone who likes zombie flicks or watching hot chicks kick the crap out of bad guys. This movie has plenty of both.

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  Resident Evil: Extinction Premiere Pictures
Posted by: Christine on Sep 21st, 2007 2 Comments »

Bloody Disgusting has some awesome pictures from the Las Vegas premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction. My favorite (below) is the 100 Alice clones standing in front of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino (my favorite place in Vegas).

They also have shots of the clones surrounding a very pregnant Milla Jovovich, who plays Alice in the movies. Not sure yet if the clones have something to do with the plot of the movie, but it’s a pretty interesting marketing stunt nonetheless.

100 Alice Clones in front of Bellagio

  New Review: Resident Evil
Posted by: Christine on Sep 17th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

With the upcoming release of Resident Evil: Extinction, the third installment in the series, Christine reviewed the first movie (and will be reviewing the second soon). Here’s what she said,

I don’t know what else to tell you about this movie other than there’s plenty of gory zombie goodness. If you like zombie movies, this is one to check out. If you like Milla Jovovich, that’s also a good reason to pick this up. I wish someone had told me it was about zombies…I would have watched it years ago.

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  Eli Roth’s Cell Adaptation
Posted by: Christine on Sep 14th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

A Hollywood memo has hit the internet with a list of movies supposedly being pushed through production prior to the potential strike. One of the films on the list is one I’ve been anticipating since I finished reading the book (even before a movie was planned) – Stephen King’s Cell.

Currently slated for a 2009 release with Hostel‘s Eli Roth directing, Cell tells the story of cell phones turning people into zombies, basically. As an avid zombie movie fan, I loved King’s take on using modern technology as the source for the infection. The opening scene is one of my all-time favorite book openings ever.

For the non-Bostonians, when reading the scene keep in mind that the details King describes are dead-on accurate. The ice cream truck with the Make Way For Ducklings scene painted on the back, the types of people walking by, everything is exactly as you would see it standing on that corner. I should know…I lived about a block away for two years, and I was there last night.

Having only seen Cabin Fever out of Roth’s repertoire (and being completely grossed out, while still impressed), I can only hope that he can stay true to the story while still putting his own personality into it. As usual, I highly recommend reading the book before the movie comes out, especially when it comes to Stephen King.

  Summer Movie Body Count
Posted by: Christine on Sep 10th, 2007 Leave a Comment »

Entertainment Weekly has been keeping a running tally of the summer movie body count, and has just released the final tally in their September 14th, 2007 issue. The movie with the highest body count is…28 Weeks Later. The 28 Weeks Later grand total of 15,011 breaks down into 20 people eaten by zombies, 200 people shot, and a whopping 14,791 firebombed/gassed.

The movie accounted for 80% of the body count for the entire summer, which was 18,712. I guess that’s what happens when the military firebombs an entire quarantine complex for fear of zombie breakouts.

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