Christian Bale Interview

A/V Club has an interview with Christian Bale, star of Batman Begins and The Prestige. Bale is also the focus of Mike’s latest quest – to see and review all of Christian Bale’s movies.

The interview is pretty bland, but there was one question I specifically enjoyed. When asked if he had ever taken a part that he thought was risky or would make him less “bankable,” Bale replies:

Though certainly, American Psycho, yes, I had a lot of people saying to me that it was a big risk. I never considered it to be, but I found it very funny that other people did. In a way, I had a kind of self-destructive bent, where I almost wanted to see if they were right. Like, “Really? This can actually have such an effect that I’ll never work again? Well, I want to do that and see if that happens, you know?” But I’ve not been aware of that on any movie other than American Psycho.

You gotta admire the balls on this guy, to take a role that he knew might ruin his career, just to see if it happens. Read our review of the controversial role – Mike thought the whole point of the movie was to admire Christian Bale’s amazing performance.

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