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Christian BaleA couple of weeks ago we came across a post on Filmwad about Christian Bale being a total badass. We here at MovieSnobs wholeheartedly agree. After reading the post, we went straight to Amazon and purchased every Bale movie that we could find.

Over the next several months, we will be reviewing every Christian Bale movie ever made. We already have reviews for The Prestige, The New World, and of course Batman Begins (two of which are five-star reviews!). MovieSnob Mike will be working on reviews for Bale classics like American Psycho, Equilibrium, Harsh Times, Empire of the Sun, and Laurel Canyon, among others.

Mike will also be writing an in-depth explanation of the spectacular twist-ending of The Prestige in response to reader requests.

The Christian Bale Series of reviews will start soon. In the meantime, go read the full post about why Christian Bale is a badass over at Filmwad. Then check out our current Christian Bale reviews:

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