Countdown to Christmas – 12/5

Twas the Night Before Christmas movieTonight on Christmas TV is a movie about an entire town being crossed off Santa’s list because one of the townspeople doesn’t believe. How lame is that? Like Santa would ever cross people off the Nice list just because their neighbor doesn’t believe. Pshh. Anyway, the movie is called ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and has that super creepy old animation look to it.

That starts at 7 and is followed by what can only be called a filler Christmas movie – something about a kid playing an angel in a Christmas play. At 8pm there’s I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus starring the Sprouse twins (the kids from Big Daddy). Followed up by Rudolph’s New Year, a sequel to a movie that never needed a sequel. It all airs on ABC Family.

ps. I’m not partial to ABC Family. It’s just that they’re the only ones that have started their hardcore Christmas programming.

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