David Schwimmer Hates “Slacker-hero” Movies

David Schwimmer, most famous for playing Ross on Friends, was recently interviewed for The Boston Globe and expressed his hatred of “slacker-hero” movies. Apparently, movies such as Knocked Up that feature “an unemployed, pot-smoking, overweight, lazy dude” are what’s dumbing down American movie-goers, according to Schwimmer.

He tells the Globe,

I just don’t get it. I don’t get why that idea is celebrated. Maybe it’s because it taps into a male fantasy, that “Oh, we never have to work! We can sit around when we’re 35, 40 years old, smoke pot with our buddies and try to [sleep with] girls.”

From that quote, it sounds like he’s taking a direct hit at any movie Judd Apatow makes. Of course, Apatow’s not the only one making slacker comedies, he’s just the hot ticket right now.

You can read the whole article, which goes into great detail on Schwimmer’s directorial debut Run Fat Boy Run, at

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