Dempsey Says He’s Not So McDreamy

Patrick Dempsey is HotEnchanted and Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey has said he doesn’t think he’s hot. Despite the hordes of women (and gay men too, I’m sure) who drool over McDreamy every week, he still thinks he’s an awkward geek.

According to IMDb, Dempsey was quoted as saying,

I always find it funny when people say I am handsome or I am perceived in that way. It makes me wonder whom they are talking to, it’s interesting. There are a lot of men out there considered as handsome men: George Clooney is good looking; he is the classical handsome movie star. I am just average looking. But it’s fun and it is certainly nice to have the attention. I was known for being geeky and awkward as a kid. This projection of being sexy or handsome is funny to me; I certainly don’t see myself that way.

Funny thing, there are three men in Hollywood who both my mother and myself (with a 20 year age gap) respond to pictures of with “He’s yummy!” – George Clooney (who Dempsey swears he isn’t on par with), Johnny Depp, and Patrick Dempsey. (Sometimes Jake Gyllenhaal too, but he doesn’t count because he’s under 40.)

So, ladies…Dempsey – hot or not?

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