Did It Bomb? Weekend of 3/7/08

It’s the beginning of another week, friends! Movies debuted this weekend, and I gave you the lowdown on how they would do. How close did I come?

Welcome to an all-new DIB? for this clear evening! Away we go!

College Road Trip: Raven Symoné has literally grown up before the world’s eyes, and in this film, she’s checking out colleges! Memories! You can imagine that if Martin Lawrence was your dad and Donny Osmond was riding shotgun, it would get a little bit crazy!
Will It Bomb? Tweens rejoice! You have a new film! I don’t see anything that could wage a good battle against this market, so it’ll probably get in the lower end of the Top 10.
Did It Bomb? Oops! I should have guessed that this would bring in more! This ended up at the #2 position, earning a tidy $14 million.
Outcome: Strike! 0 out of 4

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Limited Release): Without much makeup on and pulling out a pretty impressive British accent, Frances McDormand is out of one job taking care of kids, but ends up taking care of an adult! Amy Adams is a struggling actress who needs a little guidance in her life, so one helps the other!
Will It Bomb
? We’ve missed you, Frances! Since she’s been out of the limelight for a bit, this should bring in some money in its stint in Limited Release.
Did It Bomb? With over 530 theaters screening this, it brought in a good chunk! $2.5 million, to be exact!
Outcome! Strike! 0 out of 4

10,000 B.C : Since we don’t quite know what in the world went on during this timeframe, this movie will be dependent on the visuals! The mostly unknown cast and the speaking of English may not sell this flick! Omar Sharif’s presence might not be able to save it either!
Will It Bomb? Curiosity galore, but not a lot of good press! This won’t go any higher than the low-to-mid range of the 10. Did It Bomb? Curses! Foiled again! Not only did this rake it $35.7 million, but it’s perched at the top of the food chain! #1! Outcome: Strike! 0 out of 4.

The Bank Job: A new and (hopefully better) Jason Statham flick! After his last effort basically hit the ground like a safe in an old Looney Tunes short, he’s back doing what we love! He’s breaking hearts of course, but also breaking into bank vaults! Yep, Jason and the crew are looking for the cash and jewels in a London financial branch, but they may also find something they’re not supposed to!
Will It Bomb? There is definitely a better chance for success, here! Action is his specialty, and he’s got quite a comedic side, so this will land in the Top 5, kids!
Did It Bomb? Hey! I got one right! This came in right at #5, earning a cool $5.71 million!
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 4.

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and the Internet Movie Database (

Man, this was depressing! Well, this week’s predictions were certainly off! It’s time to start on the rough and tough road back to the top! WIB? is back later this week, and hopefully my luck will change for the better! I will see you all then!

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  1. Christine on said:

    Ouch. Rough week. I guess you and I both had more faith in movie-goers than to guess College Road Trip would hit #2.


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