Did It Bomb? Weekend of 7/13/07

Just when you thought it was safe! I decided to create a new companion column to Will It Bomb?! You wanted to know if I thought something was going to bomb? This will let you know if it did! The beginning of every week I’ll recap the films showcased in WIB?. After that, we see how close my predictions were. Add the tallies and box office positions, and there you have it!

Let’s get the ball rolling with the introductory edition of Did It Bomb?! And away we go!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
Will It Bomb?: No way! Rabid fans wouldn’t let him down!
Did It Bomb?: It raked in $77 million over the weekend, thus grabbing the #1 spot. So, absolutely not!
***Box office tally and position according to***
Outcome: Score!

Will It Bomb?: Competition and old hack storyline were two strikes against it. Probable bomb.
Did It Bomb? It landed at the #12 spot, making around $1.5 million and with not much of a chance for a climb, it’s a bomb, all right.
*** Box office tally and position according to***
Outcome: Score!

That’s two for two! Not bad!

All right, everyone! That’s it for this week! Remember to take a peek a WIB? for the juice on the new films coming this weekend. I’ll see you early next week so we can find out what happened! See you then!

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