Did It Bomb? Weekend of 7/27/07

Hey there! The weekend has come and gone with brand new flicks. As always, there were some that banked, and some that tanked.

Now, since I love making calls about whether a movie is going to do well, you can imagine how excited I am to bring you the newest edition of DIB?! Did I manage to pull off another set of predictions? Check them out!!!

I Know Who Killed Me:
Will It Bomb?:
Lindsay Lohan’s subsequent arrest, horrific publicity, and cancelled appearances pretty much guaranteed a bomb.
Did It Bomb?: Basically, as predicted, it did. No one was really surprised, you know. It ended up at the #9 spot, with $3.51 mill.
***Box office tally and position according to***
Outcome: Score! 1 out of 4

No Reservations:
Will It Bomb?:
Romantic and cute movie, but up against so many blockbusters. Mid-to-bottom of the 10.
Did It Bomb?: Hey, it did fairly well! #5 position with a take of $11.7 million.
***Box office tally and position according to***
Outcome: Score! 2 out of 4

The Simpsons Movie:
Will It Bomb?:
With the show’s longevity and the fans waiting all this time for a flick? I don’t think so! Top or second spot.
Did It Bomb?: Nope! #1 spot, kids! All right!! $74 million earned! Whoo-hoo!
***Box office tally and position according to***
Outcome: Score! 3 out of 4

Who’s Your Caddy:
Will It Bomb?:
Dopey plot that’s a rip off of Caddyshack. It would make some money. Probably end up at the Bottom of the 10, if at all.
Did It Bomb?: Ended up in the very, very bottom, with an earning of $2.76 million and a #10 standing.
***Box office tally and position according to***
Outcome: Score! 4 out of 4

How about that! Every one came out as I thought! That’s going to be it for now! Don’t forget! Later this week, I bring out the newest crop for this upcoming weekend over at WIB?! DIB? returns early next week! I’m so stoked! See ya!

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