Did It Bomb? Weekend of 9/28/07

Hello everyone out there in Movie Land! Welcome to this week’s installment of DIB?!

While the final weekend of September may now be a fond memory, the Box Office numbers linger on! I gave you my assessments last week. So, did these films grab anyone? Did they break the bank? Let’s have a peek at what predictions from this past edition of WIB? came true!

Feast of Love: Aaahh…Another film all about Love and its ups and downs, with a wonderful ensemble cast.
Will It Bomb? Low end of the 10. It looks very sweet and romantic.
Did It Bomb? With limited release, it managed to pull in $1.7 million, with a standing at #12. What will happen this coming weekend?
Outcome: To be continued…

The Game Plan: We know that The Rock has the chops to pull off comedy, and a truly charismatic personality. In this movie, he gets an extra-special surprise.
Will It Bomb? Probable Top 10 standing, courtesy of movie-going children.
Did It Bomb? I don’t believe it! #1 spot with $23 million earned?! Who knew?
Outcome: Mezza-mezza. ½ out of 2

The Kingdom: The Middle East gets a visit from the FBI to discover who’s behind a terrorist plot. It’s got quite a number of A-Listers, as well.
Will It Bomb? Definitely a Top 5 standing, due to the casting.
Did It Bomb? This came at #2, right under The Game Plan, with #$17.1 million.
Outcome: Score! 1 ½ out of 2.

Trade: The notion of sex trafficking is already disturbing enough, so you can imagine how this film will portray it.
Will It Bomb? Possibility of getting into the 10. However, it is also in Limited Release, so it’s up in the air.
Did It Bomb? I haven’t seen any figures, as of yet, so let’s carry this one over to next week also!
Outcome: To be continued…

***Official Box Office tallies and positions according to Variety (, The Hollywood Reporter ( and the Internet Movie Database (

A couple of weeks ago, I featured Across the Universe, with the intention of updating its results as revenue grows. It has now hit the Top 10, with total revenue of $5.48 million and a #10 spot. Not bad!

That’s all for now! Come on back later this week for the newest edition of WIB?, where I showcase all the newbies coming in to theaters as well as those still in Limited Release!! DIB? returns next week with all the results! Just what the doctor ordered.

See you all then!

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