Disney bans Smoking

Disney Bans Smoking - No more Cruella DeVilleThe Wall Street Journal has announced that Disney will now ban smoking in all Disney-branded films and will “discourage smoking in films made under its Miramax and Touchstone movie labels, and would ‘look hard’ at extending the initiative to other parts of the entertainment empire.”

I guess scenes like the one at left won’t be happening anymore. To be honest, I’m surprised that it took so long for Disney to announce this. They cut their promotion of unhealthy food to kids last fall, and stopped serving trans fats in their theme parks at the same time. I’m wondering how protecting kids from being exposed to smoking as a positive image was less important than not pushing sugar-filled foods at them. I’m also a little peeved that the ban does not include cigar and pipe-smoking, as if they’re any less harmful than cigarette smoking.

For the full text of the article, visit The Wall Street Journal.

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