Disney Including Regular DVD with Blu-ray is reporting that they have some inside information from a company that does the physical production of Disney’s Blu-ray discs.

That information states that starting with Pinnochio on March 10th, all Disney Blu-ray discs will also come with a standard edition of the DVD.

Disney says this is so people can enjoy the movie in “more locations in their home.”

The thought behind it, I assume, is that many people only have one Blu-ray player. So when you purchase a Blu-ray movie, you have to watch it in a specific room.  That’s the case in our household, and probably the same for many others.  I think this is a great move on Disney’s part.  It’ll cost them more, and from what we’re told, those costs will not increase the retail price of their Blu-ray movies.  I think that’s a great thing Disney is doing.  Hopefully it works out.

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