Eli Roth’s Cell Adaptation

A Hollywood memo has hit the internet with a list of movies supposedly being pushed through production prior to the potential strike. One of the films on the list is one I’ve been anticipating since I finished reading the book (even before a movie was planned) – Stephen King’s Cell.

Currently slated for a 2009 release with Hostel‘s Eli Roth directing, Cell tells the story of cell phones turning people into zombies, basically. As an avid zombie movie fan, I loved King’s take on using modern technology as the source for the infection. The opening scene is one of my all-time favorite book openings ever.

For the non-Bostonians, when reading the scene keep in mind that the details King describes are dead-on accurate. The ice cream truck with the Make Way For Ducklings scene painted on the back, the types of people walking by, everything is exactly as you would see it standing on that corner. I should know…I lived about a block away for two years, and I was there last night.

Having only seen Cabin Fever out of Roth’s repertoire (and being completely grossed out, while still impressed), I can only hope that he can stay true to the story while still putting his own personality into it. As usual, I highly recommend reading the book before the movie comes out, especially when it comes to Stephen King.

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