First annual Snobbies Results

So, it was a long, hard road, conducting our first ever, Annual Snobbies contest. I suppose, in retrospect, giving away prizes definitely helped to get people to enter. After setting up the rules, and doing the mathematical calculations, based on the number of entries, I think the odds of matching all 16 winning categories, were somewhere around 1 in 463,000,000. So, needless to say, no one qualified for the Grand Prize of Free Movies for an Entire year.

Since no one won this, we will roll this prize into next year’s Snobbies Grand Prize. That prize will start off as Free Movies for 2 Years (or free movies for you and a friend, for one year.)

So, I’m sure you’re dying to see the results, I know, I was too. So, without further delay, here they are.
Worst Movie Of The Year: Son Of the Mask – 42% of votes
Best Ensemble Cast: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire – 32% of votes
Best Chick Flick: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – 47% of votes
Best “Scare The Hell Outta Someone” Movie: Saw II – 50% of votes
Best CGI: King Kong – 39% of votes
Best “Laugh Out Loud” Movie: Wedding Crashers – 48% of votes
Best Action Movie: Mr & Mrs Smith – 45% of votes
Best Surprise Ending: The Skeleton Key – 52% of votes
Best Death In A Movie: Paris Hilton (House of Wax) – 44% of votes
Best Badass: Angelina Jolie (Mr & Mrs Smith) – 45% of votes
Best Villian: Tobin Bell (Saw II) – 35% of votes
Best Nemesis: Matt Dillion (Crash) – 43% of votes
Best On Screen Pair: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Mr & Mrs Smith) – 44% of votes
Most Unexpected Comedic Performance: Paul Rudd (The 40 Year Old Virgin) – 57% of votes
Best Ryan Reynolds Movie: Just Friends – 33% of votes
Best Movie Of The Year: Walk The Line – 30% of votes.

Curious to see how your votes did? Want to know if who/what you voted for did? Click Here, drop your email address into the box, and let our site do the rest of the work for you. Be sure to put in the email address you put into the contest, or you won’t be able to get your entry results.

Congrats to those who won a prize from us, you’ve already been e-mailed to let you know how to claim your prize. So, be sure to check your inbox!

Some random Snobbies trivia you might like to know:

Paul Rudd won with the most number of votes in any category. His closest competitor was over 500 votes behind him.

The lowest number of votes for any nominee went to Stay for Best Movie. Unfortunately, we placed it up against four Oscar nominees and a comic book movie.

But I’m glad that at least 21 other people voted for it as their Best Movie of the Year – I’m not the only one!

The closest race was between the cast of Rent and the cast of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for Best Ensemble Cast. There were only 12 votes separating them.

Again, thanks to everyone who voted, and best of luck next year!

The MovieSnobs Staff

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