Gondry to Direct Rogen’s Green Hornet?

It looks like Michel Gondry is back in control of the directorial reigns for The Green Hornet, still starring Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow.

The Hollywood Reporter reports

Stephen Chow had been tapped to direct but dropped out over creative differences. He is still expected to co-star as Kato, the Hornet’s trusty sidekick and chauffeur.

Since Chow’s departure, the project has been the subject of speculation that it was sliding into development hell, but the studio is intent on making the feature one of its 2010 tentpoles.

The choice of Gondry, the helmer behind off-the-beaten-path films such as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “The Science of Sleep” and “Be Kind Rewind,” signals that the creative direction the studio and the film’s producer, Neal Moritz, are trying to take the project is one not usually associated with the usual crime-fighter movie.

Looks like the movie will move forward. After seeing Seth Rogen at the Oscars the other night, it’s pretty evident that he’s lost a lot of weight and really got in shape in anticipation for this film role.  I, for one, hope it gets made, and gets made well.

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