Grow Up, Real Sarah Marshall

The semi-clever posters for Forgetting Sarah Marshall are upsetting some New Yorkers. The New York Daily News is reporting that several real-life Sarah Marshalls are upset over the posters with text like, “My mom always hated you Sarah Marshall” and “You DO look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall.”

One Sarah Marshall says, “When you’re walking down the street, it gets a little wearing even though you know it’s not you and has nothing to do with you.”

One perturbed Sarah Marshall says, “I have to worry about my hair and makeup everyday.” What I want to know is, how does she think people on the street know her name is Sarah Marshall?

Another Sarah Marshall received a call from an ex-boyfriend telling her he didn’t know who was doing this, but he wanted her to know it wasn’t him. He must not have seen the MPAA rating information at the bottom, or have gone to the promotional website

Luckily for these annoyed Sarah Marshalls, the movie (starring Jason Segel and Kristen Bell) hits theaters April 18th.

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