Guess The Movie 01-07-08

2008, holy crap! This week’s Guess The Movie, most of you probably haven’t seen, which sucks. It’s a great, beautiful movie that everyone should see.

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  1. Mike on said:

    Hint: It’s a weird movie, and definitely something you have to watch a few times to fully understand.

    Obi Wan’s in it, if that helps any.

  2. Christine on said:

    It is a bookstore, but it’s not Eternal Sunshine.

    Another hint: the painting to the right plays a part in the plot.

  3. Fletch on said:

    Looks like the bookstore/library from Eternal Sunshine to me…but somehow I don’t think that’s it…

  4. Christine on said:

    I’ve been meaning to watch this movie again for a while now.

    Here’s a hint: the guy whose face is visible isn’t a main character. (He probably only has one line, in fact.)


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