Guess The Movie 05/29/2007

You’ve seen Guess the Celebrity, Guess the movie star, guess this, guess that.   Now, brings you our very own “Guess The Movie”, game.   What is it? It’s just a fun game, where we show you a screenshot from a movie, and you try to guess the movie in the comments of the post.   What do you win? Aside from bragging rights, nothing.   Here’s this game’s image, guess away:

Guess the Movie 05-29-2007

This first one should be fairly easy, if you know me, or my favorite movies.   I tried to start this off with an easy movie, yet still make the screenshot a bit challenging.   They’ll get harder as we go along.


  1. Christine on said:

    Well that’s easy! High Fidelity.

    You shouldn’t have started with your favorite movie EVER…

  2. Mike on said:

    Christine’s right, it’s a John Cusack movie. It also stars Jack Black. That should be enough to get it!

  3. Ben on said:

    Give us a hint!

  4. Christine on said:

    I’m assuming it’s a John Cusack movie…


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