Guess The Movie 10-29-07

This week’s Guess The Movie may prove a bit difficult. I think its’ a great, and under appreciated movie.

Click image to see full size


  1. Christine on said:

    Well done Jon! It is indeed Debra Messing in “The Mothman Prophecies” just moments before the giant moth-bat-scary being smashes into the windshield and kicks off the craziness.

    Don’t worry Fletch – even as a horror movie buff I’ve only seen it twice.

  2. Jon on said:

    It looks like Debra Messing in “The Mothman Prophecies”.

  3. Fletch on said:

    I’m stumped, but then again, I don’t think I’ve seen the film in question (not a big scary movie guy).

  4. Christine on said:

    The next moment in the movie is the scariest moment in the entire movie.

    Also, the woman in the image starred in three TV shows (two canceled, one possibly still on the air), but hasn’t had much luck with movies (except lame romantic comedies).

  5. Fletch on said:

    How ’bout a hint? Even full size, it’s dark and a bit fuzzy.


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