Guess The Movie 11-19-07

This week’s is tough. The screencap is in the movie, but not really part of the movie. Diehard fans of the flick will probably recognize it right away, while others will kick themselves later.

Click image to see full size


  1. Christine on said:

    Isn’t it a kick yourself kind of answer? I did the same thing when Mike showed it to me the first time.

  2. Fletch on said:

    Yep…should have guessed it.

  3. Christine on said:

    Dodgeball. It’s a screen capture from the dodgeball instructional video.

  4. Fletch on said:

    You can’t keep me in suspense forever!

    Kung Fu Hustle?

  5. Mike on said:

    Christine should know what it is, she watched it yesterday!

  6. Christine on said:

    It’s not Kill Bill. Good guess though.

    Think more along the lines of comedy.

  7. Fletch on said:

    Damn it all…put me in the “kicking themselves later” category. I totally recognize that, but can’t place it.

    Kill Bill?


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