Hannibal Lecter Lives!
Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

This is probably the most exciting news I’ve read this entire week.

Anthony Hopkins has contacted Sir Ridley Scott to bring Hannibal Lecter back to the big screen.  Rumor also, is that Cate Blanchett will take over for Jodie Foster’s role, seeing as how Jodie Foster is busy directing another film.

After Silence of the Lambs, I don’t think anyone looked at Anthony Hopkins the same way.  Though the two sequels were highly disappointing, I have high hopes for this new film.

How does this make you feel?  After seeing Hannibal and Red Dragon are you glad that they’ll be making the move back to a Hopkins based film?

Someone close to the film has been quoted as saying

Hopkins and Scott are both very committed. We like what we’ve got, and the revised script is really, really good.

I think this bodes well for those of us who adore Anthony Hopkins

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