Happy Halloween! WhySoSerious Pumpkin Reveals a Mystery

The MovieSnobs team stayed up extra-late (playing Guitar Hero III) to see if the site had a trick up its sleeve for Halloween, since the pumpkin has been rotting faster than the actual pumpkins we carved. At midnight it changed over to look like this:

When you click on the paper pieces, they pop up with a city name and a clue. Below is the clue for Boston.
Boston’s Old City Hall is located on School Street in Downtown Boston. We’ve figured out that “quaver” refers to a music note, but we’re not sure what the “mus” is. The site is filled with Benjamin Franklin information, so it might have something to do with him. Can anyone help us out?If you figure out the mystery clue for your city, let us know so we can play along.

Happy Halloween!

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