Widgets’s Parents Guide Parents GuideI’ve been seeing a lot of questions on forums and Yahoo! Answers about whether or not Transformers is safe to bring a younger child to. Unfortunately there is no simple answer. No two children are alike, and parents have different comfort levels with what they will allow their children to see.

The best way to find out if a movie is safe to bring your child to is to check out‘s “parents guide.” The parents guide for Transformers, for example, says:

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Intense action scenes, with “Transformers” launching advanced weaponery against humans and destroying things. Children may be scared or frightened by such actions and the characters depicted in the movie.

While the information is user-generated and therefore very subjective, for the most part it’s a good start for deciding if a movie is appropriate for your child. The parents guide can be found in the “Awards & Reviews” box in the left navigation column as seen in the image above.

I just wish parents would read these before bringing 6-year-olds to the Harry Potter series of films…

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