In-Depth Analysis of the Morality in 300

Having been a film-criticism student myself, I understand exactly where FilmWad is coming from in their article from earlier this month, “If You Love 300, You Might Be an Idiot.” While I do enjoy violence in movies (Saw and Boondock Saints, two of the movies mentioned in the article, are some of my favorites), I appreciate the intellectual analysis of the use of violence in movies. FilmWad says,

People defend the violence of 300 by saying that the Spartans, while brutal, were good and moral men who fought against the fascist, megalomaniacal power of Xerxes and the Persian army.

The rest of the article details why this defense is unfounded and why 300 is no different from the torture-porn of Hostel. They provide detailed historical and critical points to show that CGI violence and a shoddy narrative are no better than seemingly real violence. They’re taking a lot of flack in the comments, but I happen to agree with their article. Go check out the full article for yourself.

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