About Us

In August of 2005, MovieSnobs was born. It started from our genuine love of all things movie-related, and especially sharing our opinions about movies. We weren’t impressed with the critics’ reviews we had been reading. They were always way off. Either they wrote glowing reviews of movies we hated or they completely trashed movies we loved. We were tired of reading reviews written by people that were in the pockets of the movie industry. We thought people would appreciate reading the opinions of someone just like themselves – a regular movie-goer NOT being paid by the movie companies. Hence, MovieSnobs was born as a source for the “regular joe” to read movie reviews.

It started as just Mike and Christine writing reviews of the movies they went to see each week. The site quickly grew, however, and more writers were needed. We’ve cycled through several versions of our staff, constantly looking for writers who are both talented review writers and dedicated movie fans. We didn’t want any wishy-washy reviewers wasting our readers’ time. We wanted quality reviews about the movies people wanted to see.

Here we are over three fifteen years later – we have an excellent staff, and an archive of reviews we feel proud of. Our traffic has consistently increased, and we’ve tried our best to provide what our readers want. The feedback from our readers, and from our staff, has been instrumental in the development and growth of MovieSnobs. We’re constantly adding new and exciting features.

As MovieSnobs continues to grow and change, we hope you’ll continue to come to us to read the reviews that tell it as it is, and to see all the new features we’ll develop in the future.

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