Jack Nicholson Vs. Heath Ledger

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MTV interviewed legendary actor Jack Nicholson about The Oscars, his new movie The Bucket List, and how he feels about someone else playing The Joker. Jack says he’s furious because no one asked him about a sequel involving The Joker.

Jack says,

It’s like, in any area, you can’t believe the reasons things do or don’t happen. Not asking me how to do the sequel is that kind of thing. Maybe it’s not a mistake. Maybe it was the right thing, but to be candid, I’m furious…It’s a part I always thought I should play.

Let’s be honest here. I love Jack Nicholson. Everyone does. In fact, his movies are the only ones my Dad will sit still and actually watch. But with a Batman prequel and a Batman as young as Christian Bale, how could you have 70-year-old Jack reprising a role he played 18 years ago? The man’s a legend, but makeup can only take you so far. If this were an addition to the Batman story, it’d be different. With a prequel, however, you have to cast younger.

Oddly enough, fellow acting legend Sir Michael Caine has nothing but good things to say about Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Looking for a review of The Dark KnightClick here for our review!


  1. jack on said:

    Heath Ledger is better than Jack Nicholson. What he would have dunn if he didn’t die so early would have been amazing and i’m sure he would win more academy awards

  2. Jokesonyou on said:

    Oh the irony! When Batman Returns came out in 1992, the parents complained that it was too scary for children-especially Danny Devito’s Penguin character. So, therefore, Joel Schumacher replaced Burton and we had a toned down Batman with a Robin with silly villains. If that’s not enough we have a dynamic duo for the first time in history to have costumes with nipples, and a camera view of their behinds-I’m sure West and Ward would have loved to include this in their movie. But what do we have now…Heath Ledger’s Joker! Just almost as grotesque and frightening as Devito’s Penguin, but somehow Ledger’s Joker is pure genius and universally accepted, and just as well is that lifeless prick sporting the cowl who is just as exciting as the villains that he pursues! Just another bastardized superhero flick which along with Ledger’s EMO Joker which will never reach cult status compared to the Burton’s two movies and Nicholson’s Joker! Once Nolan is finished are they going to do a reboot like they are doing with the recent Superman movie and Spiderman movies which are just as bland! I leave you with this, it’s funny that Jack’s Joker character was killed off in the movie, but some will say that the Joker character did Heath in! And by the way to the jerk who said Ledger’s Joker is the post WW2 Joker-go read a comic book!

  3. Katie on said:

    Most people who say that Nicholson was the better Joker seem to me that they are attempting to be ‘Indie Kids’ of the film industry – the haters of the mainstream and the loathers of commercial success. I’m not for one second disapproving of Nicholson’s dark comedic, portrayal of the Joker – I just very much preferred Ledger’s interpretation. It is rare these days for an actor to delve so deep into such a complex, psychopathic persona; Ledger did this brilliantly. It’s a refreshing revamp of the character therefore I found his more watch-able. Being a lover of Nicholson’s take on the madman, I too was extremely sceptical of Heath’s performance but warmed to admittedly what was a surprise – I doubted him very much at first. However besides all this, although slightly hypocritical, I still believe that both portrayals are classics in their own right and shouldn’t be victims of brutal comparison.

  4. k on said:

    I imagined what would happen if Ledger’s Joker met De Vitto’s Penguin. I think Penguin would shoot Joker in head. Reason: from moment Penguin would see Joker’s scars, he would ask himself does Joker feel himself to be freak. Seeing Joker’s way of talking and acting, Penguin would consider him extremly dangerous and shoot him.

    Batman Returns Penguin is actually much more similar to Dark Knight’s Joker than Batman’s Joker is. Both men are disfigured persons unhappy with mankind, only Penguin is more disfigured and less unhappy with mankind, or just taking it in more sane matter. Also, both Penguin and Dark Knight’s Joker reffered to themselves as freaks and symbolism of dogs in Dark Knight seems to reffer same thing that Batman Returns did, that we all are animals inside. In sense Nolan was in very challenging situation, having to create different movie than Batman with Batman Begins and at least equally dark movie compared to Batman Returns with Dark Knight.

  5. Preston on said:

    Does anyone else think that natalie portman would play a great harley quinn???

  6. Fishlove on said:

    alright, your comment about Google is true, and believe me, no offense to Cher, but i wouldnt vote for her for that role either, and it would only make sense to have a “hot young thing” as Catwoman, esp being that Catwoman is Batman’s seductress. Angelina would work, but her taking the role, im not so sure. Johnny,, i can see..he has that kind of sense of humor…*shrug*…we shall see…

  7. Christine on said:

    The number of Google hits a piece of information brings up has nothing to do with it being the truth or not. I understand that it’s a widespread rumor. I was commenting on the fact that the content of the rumor is ridiculous.

    Besides the fact that there is no script, Christopher Nolan is taking a break before the next movie, and casting isn’t even CLOSE to starting…if anyone’s going to play Catwoman it’s not going to be Cher. It’d be someone more like Angelina Jolie, or Vera Farminga. You know, a “hot young thing” as they say.

    The Johnny Depp as the Riddler rumor could work, but I much prefer the Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn fanmade art. One, because Kristen Bell is awesome. And two, because that would tie into the Joker being in prison. She wants revenge.

    • Preston on said:

      Hey i think Kristen is a great pick
      have you thought about Natalie Portman as Harley? I think she fits the right somatotype and im pretty cofident she could more then pull off the innocent little girl thing Harley often puts on…

  8. Fishlove on said:

    christine, dear….

    hit up google…not that its the gospel truth of everything, but see how many hits you get for “cher tapped for catwoman”….oh and to boot…Johnny Depp as the Riddler…which..i think is a lil bit closer…

  9. Christine on said:

    That Cher rumor is completely ridiculous. There isn’t even a script yet, so why would they be thinking about casting for characters that might not even be in the movie?

  10. Fishlove on said:

    I just have to quote this…

    “Before Ledger was confirmed to play the Joker in July 2006,[17] Paul Bettany,[18] Lachy Hulme,[19] Adrien Brody,[20] Steve Carell,[21] and Robin Williams[22] publicly expressed interest in the role.”

    taken from Wikipedia

    and the rumor of Cher for the Catwoman…are you ppl really snorting that much coke off each other’s asses?

    and i say to made your mark, everyone will remember you as the Joker, dont worry, but man..let it be! afraid to say a good word about the new kid…sheesh!

    I for one, agree with the consensus that Heath should get a Posthumous (sp?) award for his role…end final finish

  11. Cadillac_Captain on said:

    The Dark Knight is a sequel to Batman Begins, not Batman.

    That would be like saying that Tim Burton’s Batman was a sequel to the original Batman: The Movie starring Adam West.

    The Joker in The Dark Knight isn’t even the same Joker that was in Batman. Heath Ledger played the Pre-WWII Joker, Jack Nicholson played the post-war joker.

  12. Fletch on said:

    Yeah, um, Jack…it’s not a sequel!


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