Jason Statham Featured in Entertainment Weekly

Jason Statham could kick your assHe may look like a nice guy, but Jason Statham could kick your ass – don’t doubt it. I’ve been saying it for a long time. Mike’s been saying it for a long time. I guess the rest of the world is finally catching on to how incredibly awesome Jason Statham is.

Entertainment Weekly has a four-page spread on Statham’s career. They point out that the action scene right now is mostly lame. Minus the Bourne series and Casino Royale, we don’t have much else going on. Except for Jason Statham, of course. He’s singlehandedly driving the hardcore, kick-ass, bullets flying, cars chasing, things exploding action genre right now.

I learned a couple of really interesting things in the article:

  • The Transporter series made $197 million worldwide – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that loved those movies.
  • Statham has 7% body fat. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I know that’s insanely good.
  • He used to sell cheap jewelry on the street in London. I bet he made a killing selling to girls who thought he was rugged-looking and their boyfriends who were afraid of him.
  • He was ranked 12th in the world in diving when he was on the British national team. (I hear a collective swoon as girls around the Internet imagine Statham in a Speedo.)
  • The Transporter was written specifically with Statham in mind. No wonder it was so awesome.
  • The Transporter 2 was the first movie he was paid a million dollars for.

Check out this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly for the full story. Statham’s latest role is in War with Jet Li, and is in theaters now.


  1. Candace on said:

    Dude, Jason Statham is a BAMF – and one sexy beast!

    I think he’s a magnificent actor. And you’re right – he could probably kick your ass if he was prompted to, and yes, I am totally picturing him in a speedo. Yum.

    I hope I can find a guy as bad ass as Statham (and as sexy too!!) Sure I’m only 21 but hey, give a girl a chance! :P hehe

  2. kabalieshwar on said:

    yah i loved him………. recently i watched his all movies…..its al rocking…. and wondering his style…. he is a man….. i loved his perfomance of Transporter films….. 1 2 3….. very nice…….. if im girl nah………. i never mis him….. in my life……..


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