John Cusack & Rain = Good Movie

I’ve had a theory for quite a while, and was only disproved one time (America’s Sweethearts), that John Cusack must have it in his contract that he always has to be in a scene in the rain. Proof:

It appears John loves being rained on. However, the only movie (until recently) he doesn’t get rained on in, is America’s Sweethearts. Though one could argue there’s no rain in 1408. I would disagree, while there’s no naturally made rain in the movie, there’s definitely some sprinklers showing down on our hero.


  1. Mike on said:

    I guess I haven’t seen America’s Sweethearts enough yet, either.

    I can honestly say I’ve never heard of The Jack Bull, let alone own a copy. I guess my “I own every movie he’s been in” theory goes out the window. I need to go to Best Buy and pick up The Contract, I believe it came out last week sometime.

  2. Miranda on said:

    It does rain on him in America’s Sweethearts during the scene on the motorcycle where he wants to kill his wife. Someone else mentioned the opening scene of 1408 where he does get rained on.

    John Cusack & Rain = Good Movie Only one movie ruins this theory. It rains on him in The Contract, but it’s not a good movie.

    It doesn’t rain on him in The Jack Bull -which is really good- but there’s snow. I say any form of precipitation counts.

    • Ryan on said:

      while John Cusack in the majority of his movies does get rained on, I believe and agree with Mirada the element of water making contact with his body is always in play. In the “contract” he does cross streams and rivers, also in Seredipity he lays down in the ice skating ring while snow flakes fall on him.

  3. Christine on said:

    Did it rain in Eight Men Out? I can’t remember.

  4. Mike on said:

    I knew I’d forget something! It probably doesn’t help that I only saw 1408 once.

    So, I sit corrected. America’s Sweethearts is the only John Cusack movie that he’s not out in the rain in.

  5. Christine on said:

    Not true! It rains in 1408! In the opening credits when he’s arriving at the first creepy hotel, it’s pouring out.


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