Justice League: A New Frontier Interviews

The IESB has a 10 minute clip of various interviews with the creators of the new Justice League animated movie. We wrote about it last month because NPH is voicing The Flash (and we’re big NPH fans).

The video on the IESB mostly talks about the story and the animation, but there’s about two minutes near the end that talk about the voice actors. Kyle MacLachlan, David Boreanz, and Lucy Lawless are also providing voices for characters and are shown in the recording studio (complete with Lucy Lawless acting out scenes), but there’s only a fleeting glimpse of NPH behind the mic.

Has anyone seen Lucy Lawless lately? She looks fabulous, especially in her guest appearance on USA’s “Burn Notice” last week.

The movie comes out on DVD January 28th, 2008. Check out the footage on the IESB.

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  1. angel on said:

    Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman…who would of thought it would actually happen. Well, so to speak.


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