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Firstly, let me say that I enjoyed the Teen Choice Awards. Am I a teen? No. Do I like award shows that aren’t stuck up, and boring? Yes. Definitely.

So, after waiting all night (in fact, weeks) for this “first ever live performance” from Mr. Spears, I was happy when they finally brought him out (introduced by his ever-belly-buldging-wife, Britney), to perform his first single “It Doesn’t Matter The Name of This Song, Because My 15 Minutes Were Up 2 Years Ago” (that’s not really the name of the song, but really, does it matter?)

So, “K-Fed” comes out, and starts what he calls “singing”. I call it “a tortured animal”. And the first thought that comes to my mind was “did anyone screen this song, before they agreed to let him go on air with it?”

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good rap song. It’s not my favorite, but when something decent comes on, and the artist is talented.

This, however, is sadly not the case. My 4 year old nephew could sing, perform, act, and dance better than this clown. In the act of making this site more than PG rated, I really want to call Kevin Federline a friggen assclown.

His song was terrible. The words don’t rhyme, there’s some points where there’s no music, there’s no musical structure to the song. It’s just terrible.

And the sad part is, it’s not his fault. Britney’s probably masterminding the whole thing, telling him what to do, what to say, how to perform. She can’t make any money while she’s popping out kids, so why not.

I know this isn’t really movie related, but hey, they did give out some movie awards last night. Sadly, I can’t remember what they were, because my brain’s still so pissed about this Kevin Federline ordeal. If you saw it, you know what I mean.

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