Kevin Smith Casts Jason Lee
Jason Lee

Jason Lee

There’s no denying it.  Jason Lee delivers Kevin Smith’s dialog like no other.  I still, to this day, laugh hysterically every time I watch Mallrats.

I know all the jokes, I know the plot, I know the outcome. It doesn’t matter, Jason Lee still makes me laugh like a giddy school boy every time he delivers those lines.

I was stoaked to hear today that Kevin Smith’s cast Lee in his upcoming film A Couple of Dicks.

There’s no details yet as to who Jason will play, but hopefully it’s a big role.  After all, Jason Lee doesn’t have much else going on, since NBC cancelled “My Name Is Earl” after last season ended.

A Couple of Dicks also stars Tracey Morgan and Bruce Willis as LAPD partners.

It’s sure to be a laughfest, even though Kevin Smith didn’t write it himself.

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